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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The personal secretary of former Pope Benedict XVI said the pontiff didn't resign because of a "mystical experience" with God, saying "There is nothing true in that story."


  1. Actually if God had anything to do with it Benedict would not have had to resign God would have Fired Him.

  2. Marie DuMabeiller

    Taken on faith or not, I just couldn’t swallow that story or believe God would give this most brilliant of popes such nutty advice, which in turn spun such irresponsible journalism. So my gratitude to “Archbishop Bel Giorgio” for courageously dispelling this idiotic fable (which made me wonder if Benedict himself had gone off the deep end after Vatileaks gave him so much grief…)!

  3. How would this author or anyone else know? I’m not Catholic, but I certainly believe that God gives us input from time to time as to what He wants done. If Pope Bennedict says that God prompted him to step down, I believe him. If God DIDN’T prompt Pope Bennedict to step down, and he is deliberately lying, then he’s going to find himself in hot water with God. I don’t believe that any devout Christian would lie about what God said.