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SENECA FALLS, N.Y. (RNS) Settlers transformed West-Central New York into a hotbed of radical social and religious ideas, including Mormonism and Spiritualism. A new Freethought Trail highlights the prominent atheists and agnostics who also called the region home.


  1. Thanks for this interesting article on the Freethought Trail and the men and women whose histories are celebrated. I’m putting this trail on my to-visit list so I can celebrate this aspect of U.S. religious history.

    It’s this sort of diversity–the willingness to depart from the standard fare of so many religious pages–that makes RNS the leader in religious news. I’m a happy subscriber!

  2. Wonderful article. It’s great to see a celebration of clear thinkers who do not confuse beliefs for knowledge.

  3. barbara leigh-kaplan

    Sorry to be picky, foks, but language matters. They CHARTED a new course – as in “map”. Charter has nothing to do with it. Maps are charts. We discover uncharted (unmapped) territory, not unchartered.