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(RNS) The slave's master, a Waterbury bone doctor by the name of Preserved Porter, stripped his skin, boiled his bones and used the skeleton as a medical specimen.


  1. this hurts me and makes me angry! Growing up in the early 60’s mixed race, my mother is FRENCH and my father is BLACK, we caught it from both sides. not white enough and not black black enough. i NEVER tried to PASS. MAKE NO MISTAKE, IM A PROUD BLACK MAN AND IM SURE FORTUNE WAS AS WELL!!!! his story needs to be told, not just on face book, but everywhere. this is not the only story like it!!!! this was a common everyday thing, and believe me it still go’es on today. let his story be told so everybody can learn! ill shed a tear for him and ill pray for him amen

  2. I wish I could attend the funeral to give him the proper respect he deserves. No human should ever have to undergo the horrors which we whites imposed, and yes, still do, on our black brothers and sisters. The line which states ‘under the skin we are all alike’ is very true. The God who made any of us made all of us!. Yes! Yes! I will be there in spirit and will continue to work as hard as possible to stop all prejudice which exists even today.

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