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(RNS) The influential Indonesian Ulema Council held a top-level meeting in August and decided the contest should not be held, even though Miss World's organizers agreed to allow contestants to wear wraparound sarongs instead of bikinis.


  1. Laurence Charles Ringo

    It pains me to say this,but if I were to advise the Indonesian government,I would urge them to give heed to the ominous warnings of these so-called”hardliners”. There is no doubt that they have shown themselves all too willing to engage in violence and even murder to achieve their aims,and the safety and wellbeing of these young women must be given the utmost consideration. The sad part about this situation is that these would be deprived of displaying their pride in their many accomplishments because of the misogynistic cowardice of a few weak-willed men!! Shameful,and it says a lot about Islam’s inability to convey any genuine spiritual power to its adherents. I’m constantly amazed at this religion’s unwillingness or inability to deal equitably with its female followers. What exactly ISd the problem Islam has with women and girls??

    • Please do not say such things about a religion you do not know much about. I myself, as a female Muslim, approve of the choice they made. In Islam we believe that we should cover ourselves for modesty, as well as so women do not display their beauty to men other than their husbands. Just so you know, men also are applied to the rules of modesty, even if it is not as harsh. Islam does not have a problem with women and girls.