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(RNS) The National Christian Foundation has been seeking a new owner for a campus and is now entertaining proposals from organizations that do not seek to spread the Christian gospel – at least not explicitly.

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  1. New England needs a small Great Books college, similar to St. John’s or Shimer. If It’s also a work-college, along the lines of Berea or Deep Springs, with students maintaining the buildings and grounds, then costs can be kept low. A Great Books college in the Judeo-Christian tradition, open to all, would be be a noble creation, even if it weren’t strictly speaking a religious foundation.

    Small colleges of just a few hundred members can generate an intensity of life that is unmatched, and they can do so without the inflated luxuries (and inflated salaries) that run up costs elsewhere. I’d be one of many I’m sure who would jump at the chance to help build such a place.

    R.J. O’Hara, The Collegiate Way