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Cardinal Timothy Dolan faced off with Stephen Colbert on "The Colbert Report" last night, trading barbs and one-liners. Who was funnier? Which one is the more famous Catholic? Why doesn't Stephen like Pope Francis? Here are some of their greatest quips.


  1. Cardinal Dolan has something to say about everything except the important issues of Christians and other minority religions being persecuted in the Middle East.

  2. Timothy Dolan is slick, eh? Got a comeback and joke for everything. Lay catholics and public, BEWARE of what you are funding. It’s YOUR money in the basket. YOUR SMARTER THAN THAT!!!

      • Sure Fr. J, “Dolan is greeeeat!” A great buffoon you mean! Funny and entertaining just as he was when he invited Obama to the (forgive my forgetfulness) prayer breakfast last Spring. This weakling clown joked with the persecutor of Catholics and deliverer of babies to the trash bin and got nothing in return. Maybe you don’t know anything about the history of the catholic Church Fr., but under former popes, such as the Great St. Pius X, fools like Dolan would NEVER have gotten anywhere near the episcopacy and priests like you would probably never have been admitted to a seminary. We need priests and especially bishops who will abandon the “social justice” nonsense and teach people about the four last things…You know (or do you?) Fr., death, judgement, heaven or hell…You see Fr J, the Church exists for only one reason-to save souls-Not to make nicey-jokey time with baby killing barbarians!!

        • Well said. I detect in Cardinal Dolen a love of power and false humility. Cute, funny and undignified. As a catholic and an american I am ashamed of him, of his fratinizing with one of the most evil presidencies of all times.

    • There are too many questions about the funding of CRS (that overwhelmingly supports abortion) and others as well as saying nothing about the abortion-providing union health insurance that the diocese of NY enjoys. I wonder if both Colbert and the Cardinal are Freemasons.

  3. I don’t believe it’s necessary to call anyone names because they expressed their opinion Fr. J.
    I don’t believe it’s necessary either, to claim the Cardinal is “great” considering his current record in supporting hi-profile, pro-abortion political friends who have introduced into the state of NY, an abortion policy of abortion for the full 9 months of a pregnancy.

    Cardinals who say Pope Francis is weak on organization skills, or any criticism of the Pope, cannot hope to be held in high esteem in my estimation, no matter how “witty” or fun-loving they are on an offensive, anti-Catholic, popular TV show

  4. I think the Archbishop of Gotham came across like a black-suited Ed McMahon with hearty and rather clueless guffaws being his usual response to Colbert’s razzle-dazzle irreverence. This appearance did no one seriously Catholic any good. Cardinal, this isn’t the pack you want to run with.

  5. Is Cardinal Dolan and that one in Boston running for something? The Pope already has a new secretary of State.

  6. Cardinal Dolan shows that laughter is a blessing.
    I think the days of frowning clerics and frowning Catholics need to take a big step backward.

    The judgmentalism, legalism and sense of spiritual pomposity needs to take a break too.

    Joy, laughter and humility are all what the Spirit is using these days to break through the hard hearted.