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Christian literary magazine Books & Culture could shut down on Monday if it doesn’t reach its $250,000 fundraising goal.


  1. Richard W. Shivers

    104 Queen Anne Court
    Columbia, SC 29210

    My Dear Friend in Christ,

    It has been placed upon my heart to build a modest chapel in form of a crucifix made from rough-hewn logs in which the faithful can gather together to await movement of the Holy Ghost through their midst.

    The Old Rugged Cross Chapel will not be a church in the traditional sense, nor will it be grandiose in design; it will be an humble testament to an humble life of unconditional love; a spiritual sanctuary for believers, far and wide, all-inclusive, all-encompassing, regardless of religious affiliation, to listen quietly for angelic whispers offering divine guidance, inspiration, and direction.

    Believers from around the world will pilgrimage to the Old Rugged Cross Chapel to worship inside a rough-hewn wooden cross haunted by the Holy Ghost!

    According to the gospel of St. Mark, chapter 10, verse 30, Jesus of Nazareth promised, together with life eternal, hundredfold blessing, in this life, to all who give in His name, and to His glory. I suspect that promise can be trusted.

    Please pray on this matter, and respond as the Holy Ghost inspires you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Richard Shivers, M.Ed.
    Old Rugged Cross Chapel

    IRS 501(c)(3)

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