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(RNS) Next month, Nepal will circulate a new 100-rupee note with the imprint, “Lumbini: The Birthplace of Lord Buddha.” The note is part of the government’s most recent effort to correct the record.


  1. PS attempts by Nepalis to steal Buddha because of their patriotism will only result in Nepalis looking utterly foolish. Buddha belongs in the true heart of faith. Lumbini is in every heart in which Buddha is born.

    • Lol
      So funny sadda, you sounds truly indian. And the world know how the indians are?

      Nepalese were not trying to steal buddha infact indians were doing that.
      Shame on you Indians.

    • Only indians speak and write like this please review below.


    • Lumbini, Kapilvastu Nepal!!!!! I am tired off all these Indians saying that Nepal was a part of India and that Buddhism was founded in the border. Nepal was never ever a part of India. In fact, it was actually bigger and covered more space in what is now known as India. As time went on, the Indians captured some parts of Nepal but still, Our Idol Buddha was born in Nepal and we have his very own house in Lumbini to prove it. Indians, you guys are just ridiculous and try to take all the achievements. I have even heard some indians say that mount Everest is in India! Ha! China could easily say that Mt. Everest is in China. It can easily defeat both India and Nepal buy, the Chinese people are far better and still have respect unlike the Cocky Indians.

  2. Does that mean Darjeeling, Dehradun , Garwal, Nainital are a part of Nepal because it used to be a part of Nepal prior to Sugauli Treaty [ google it ]?
    Sakyans were driven out of what was once Kosala after thousands were massacred and they found safe haven in Nepal .Today Sakyas are part of important newar community of Nepal that is backbone of Nepali culture. There was nothing called India then. Nepalaya stood well before modern Indian took its shape by the helpless integration of all fragmented states which was once under Maharajas. So it is a futile attempt to claim that Buddha was an Indian or born in India for Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha and it is in Nepal.

    Every race is a transformation of migrants through many decades or centuries. Buddha cannot be claimed to be born in India and hence Indian pointing to the time of Ashoka. IF so, most indians are Africans because they migrated to India 70,000 years ago.

  3. Btw, you are right, Shiva was a Tibetan! He was a charasmatic tribe leader who was requested to come to what is now india by his counterpart from what is now India. My friend there was nothing called India before 1947 though historians have twisted facts to suit the nation by saying that first India was formed during Bharat’s time [ Read Shakuntala] and then during Ashoka.

  4. Some day INDIA will claim Everest is in India and Tenzing Norgay an Indian. Indians must learn to give up their imperialist attitude that they inherited from British ! A very bad colonial Hangover!!

    • Tenzing Norgay is Indian, I am sorry to say. He took Indian citizenship voluntarily. We Nepalese may like to call him Nepali but the fact remains that Tenzing Norgay was an Indian citizen.

  5. Btw, you are right, Shiva was a Tibetan! He was a charasmatic tribe leader who was requested to come to what is now india by his counterpart from what is now India. My friend there was nothing called India before 1947 though historians have twisted facts to suit the nation by saying that first India was formed during Bharat’s time [ Read Shakuntala] and then during Ashoka.

    • India was called “bharata varsha” and before that “aryavarta”. It was not a geopolitical entity but existed as cultural entity. The world in those times were divided by Indian “rishis” into “dwipas” and within “dwipas” were nations as they existed then (the notion of a nation-state as it exists now is recent and is a western construct). So, India was then called “bharata” or “bharatvarsha” and was placed in “jambu dwipa”.
      As buddhism exists only as a minority faith today, i am not sure if Buddha can be truly called an Indian. Buddha may have been born in India but he is certainly not an Indian.

    • smtuladhar,
      Looks like you have also read the fascinating book by Amish Tripathi named “The Immortals of Melhua” where he has shown Shiva to be a Tibetal who descends down to a place in kailash.
      This is all part of fiction. Nobody knows the truth.

      • Mr. Sridhar, fiction is only good as it gets! Shrotmaya [ knowledge from source xyz] gyan is one thing and Chintanmaya [ Analytical ] gyan is another thing- if Mansarover is in Tibet it makes Shiva a Tibetan. If you are from India – that makes you an Indian unless you have another theory.

  6. Please Indians… Be proud of Asaram Bapu, Cause he born in India….truth is always truth, so please don’t spread false message …..

  7. If the Lord Buddha was burn in NEPAL ….then why the whole world know that ……Nepal is Hindu county ?………why the Nepalis not claimning Nepal is Buddhis County ?


  8. If the Lord Buddha was burn in NEPAL ….then why the whole world know that ……Nepal is Hindu country ?………why the Nepalis not claimning Nepal is Buddhis Country ?

  9. Praveen…nepal is no longer hindu country , everyones are free to follow any indian shout or bark..nobodys gonna believe on you.even you indian know the truth but you not speaking from your mouth ..I am not saying to all indian …only to them who are against nepal .so idiots you leave yours life and let other leave their life.dont u have things to do huh..stop barking on things which were never yours.

  10. Buddha was born in MADHES. The place of birth is Lumbini, Kapilvastu. There was no INDIA or NEPAL at that time. Now that part of MADHES is in Nepal. So, birth place of Buddha is in Nepal.

  11. heyyy heyyy hold on….u indians wanna battle with gurkhas?? if u have the power and real faith in god..come on single single fight anyone dare then come here jogbani..border between nepal and india(bihar).. dont underestimate the power of also we have the same blood running in our veins.. india was conquered by british but couldnt do so to nepal…do u know why?? we believe in our god not try to steal it…shame on youuu…

  12. dont u dare say……buddha was india…..
    Or else i will say gandhi was african….
    N stop commenting……lets meet n talk 2 each other….
    Tero daat jharena vani k ra….

  13. So sad to hear your comments….all of you. Each one of you is trying to stake a claim on him. First try to follow in his footstep then you will know if he was an Indian or a Nepali?
    This is exactly the problem with our world today. Such bitterness!!!!!!! Is it going to end? Be careful what you say because the next time you maybe born in the very country you are showing so much hatred towards. Please think of the hate you are pushing out in the world. If you love Buddha so much find out what Mitta Bhavana is and send it out in the world.

  14. Nepal doesnt exist at the time of MBuddha birth. So ONLY INIDIA ………..Saaley Nepali naukri karney ka number aaye toh India mey saab ji kartey hain and waisey bakchodi kar rahey hau ki Nepal mey hua tha Buddha. Abey Mahan aatma ka janam Dharti par hita hai wo in choti chhezo ko nahi dekhti ki Nepal ya pakistan. Wo purey bhramand ka udhaar karney aatey hain. नेपाल मेय सिर्फ गोरखा पैदा होते हैं :)


      Gautama,let me educate you.As u seem to be an uneducated person.Do u know Lord Buddha’s identity,who he was?He belonged to Newar community(which is one form of nepali community)and no one can change his identity.
      As we know in Hinduism we have four caste system.For e.g.Nepali,Gujarati,Marathi etc etc have four caste system.Lord Buddha was a newar(in nepali caste belonged to vaishyas)It is the only hindu caste which again has four caste system,as lord Buddha belonged to shakyas and I belong to joshi clan.If you want to learn you can google newar caste system.
      So by know you know who lord Buddha was a shakyamuni,who belonged to shakya dynesty.
      So you are insulting lord Buddha by calling Saab ji.
      I think all my gorkha brothers in Indian Gorkha regiment should read the comment stated by Gautama “Saab ji “see how he is disrespecting u all.It’s so sad.

  15. I like this news.

    I want to take SANNAS IN NEPAL . so,please help me, and you give the address of mandir, where have a good GURU.

  16. Lol at Sridhar! You are right, he isn’t indian, but not because he was Buddhist, but because he was born in Nepal! Lmao!!!

  17. I don’t see how Hill Nepalese can claim Buddhas as their own. Lumbine may be in present Nepoal, but it is part of Mithila in Madhyadesh. Don’t give me this BS that Madhyadeshis are the same as Hill Nepalese. They have far more in common ethnically and racially with UPites and Biharis. (Indian Heartland?). The only reason that Hill Nepalese have any ethnic link with Buddha is because the Indo Aryan portion of your ancestry came from India proper.

  18. It was Siddharth Gotama who was born in Nepal, not the Buddha.

    Prince Siddharth Gotama was born to King Shuddhodhana and Queen Mayavati in the Sakyan Kingdom, which was then a part of Nepal.
    But later, the prince Siddhartha left his kingdom and came down to India and he meditated under a tree and attained enlightenment, and hence became a BUDDHA.

    According to Buddhism, a Buddha is not naturally born, but a person becomes Buddha by his efforts.

    And the place where Buddha attained enlightenment [Nirvana] is in India, not in Nepal.

    Hence India is also called as “Buddha bhoomi” in Theravada Buddhism.

    So Nepalese can take credit in claiming that Price Siddhartha Gotama was from Nepal, but must accept that Lord BUDDHA was from India.

  19. Anup Chandran

    I am not sure where Buddha was born and I don’t care…What I know for sure is even He wouldn’t have…learn from him and be a good human rather that arguing on these silly points…Peace…

  20. Anup Chandran

    Also sorry for losses and I know mere words are not going to help…May the Lord Buddha give you all the support in this hard time…Sorry again…