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SAN FRANCISCO (RNS) "I wanted people that could just be the people next door,” said filmmaker Sylvia Broeckx. “I wanted to put a face on atheism and the face is your neighbor, your friends and your co-workers who you might not expect to be an atheist."


  1. I’m not lost at all. I know exactly where I am both physically and spiritually. Indeed, since I had to build all the mental tools I use to figure out such things from scratch, I know where I stand spiritually far better than many religious people I know.

    Nor am I lonely, misanthropic, depressed, hopeless, or self-destructive. I’m no different in personality and self-worth than any other person you know.

    One does not need faith to be happy or good.

      • Frank.


        Many people say that. Many have said it to me, and I’m agnostic. Please start thinking and speaking like an adult.

  2. America was not founded on Christianity. The more that myth gets tossed around, the more I just want to start tossing history books at the speakers’ heads.

  3. I thought America was founded on Liberty. Notice that America has the statue of Liberty and not a statue of some religious symbol.

  4. If you really look at fundamentalist Christian values and distinctively American values, they’re really diametrically opposed. (As i argued here:

  1. […] Movies? I can’t believe USA is really doing this. How is this possible? They are showing the world that atheism is good, but it is not, because USA is a country founded under christians values. I hope you really can think before watching this movie. […]