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(RNS) "Naming a center after a person who is still alive can make it seem that an individual somehow on their own was able to accomplish what he accomplished. It was our people. "


    • Desmond Tutu says he would rather go to hell than to ‘homophobic heaven’, and anyone wanting to follow him is headed there according to the Bible. Obviously people have to decide to believe their Bible or believe what apostate priest and pastors will tell them.

  1. Whether one sides with the religious conservatives who are against marriage equality or the gay activists and their allies who are working for it, all of us can benefit from forgiveness and reconciliation. All of us want to be happy, no one wants to suffer, if you act with that in mind, it will be a good start.

    • Wow! saying that Desmond Tutu is like the prophet Jeremiah is blasphemy! God is loving, but God is not accepting of homosexuals actions. God does judge, and he has prophets who stand up and speak words of judgment, not words of blasphemy and apostacy.

      There are many who will follow Mr. Tutu, and Mr. Tutu was used in a great way to battle apartheid, however homosexuality is in a whole different category. In the Bible God calls it an abomination, and God judged those who were involved in this moral sin of depravity, just as he judged those involved in abortion.

      People need to choose their side, choose God, or choose the opinion of the majority of people today including the backslidden church. Even in the evangelical circles, Stephen Mansfield had Desmond Tutu endorse his book on “the faith of Barack Obama” on the front cover. Stephen Mansfield was a pastor in the Bible Belt in Tennessee! What a fall, what a stoop by Mr. Mansfield to have a pro homosexual spokesman endorse his book on then Senator Obama. Sadly a lot of Christians bought into the book that painted Obama as a man of truth and character, yet more sadly many “Christians” voted for him again after his decisions in office lifted restrictions on abortion, assisted the LGBT agenda, assisted Muslims world wide while hurting Christians in other nations and went against Israel. Any Christians that read their Bible will realize that our nation is on the verge of ‘judgment’ due to our sins. We like Israel are shaking our fist in the face of ALMIGHTY GOD, and are killing our children, taking God out of school, and indoctrinating homosexuality in our schools, and churches, and allowing nations who hate God, and who hate Israel to destroy the Judeo Christian ethic that made America great! The Bible states that righteousness exalts a nation. If that is so, then wickedness will do the opposite, it will humble a nation. The answer is not in who we elect, the answer is like in the days of Josih, we need to “slay the priest of the high places” in the spiritual realm. Not physically go out and slay these people. We need real PROPHETS to tell Desmond Tutu to be quiet, and for writers like Mansfield to shut their mouths and stop writing things that go against God. Quite telling Americans how godly that ungodly people are. If your pastor is pro LGBT, then he needs to be fired! If the president is anti God, someone needs to tell him. It really does not matter what title people hold, they are NOTHING STANDING BEFORE GOD ALMIGHT AND HIS ALMIGHTY WORD. God is going to be exalted, and man is going to be humbled. Those who stand before God not have to bow down to men. Men who go against God, no matter what their title, will lost in the end. King Zedekiah did not listen to Jeremiah, and he had to watch his sons be slain, and then after that his eyes were poked out by the King of Babylon. What a way to see your last picture before your eyes get taken from you.

      Wake up people, Desmond Tutu is a disgrace to the things of God, he is not a prophet, he is a ‘leader’ who is leading the blind. He is not a man of God, he does not properly teach his Bible. He is assisting the world on our spiral downward.

  2. I have loved Archbishop Tutu from the first time I heard him 31 years ago. His comment that “God is biased up to his eyebrows” is truly stunning. The cliche is that there are two sides to every story, but my conviction has been that where injustice is practiced against a whole people, as in the case of the Palestinians, then there is only one side, the side of Justice, and we need to speak and act with the conviction that justice is in the nature of God. Thank you, dearest Bishop.

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