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(RNS) The decision by the Church in Wales to consecrate women bishops means the Church of England will be the last in Britain to admit women as bishops.


  1. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Christina Rees is a good “spinmeister” calling it “inevitable” that the Church of England will consecrate women as bishops in that Church. I’m sure she knows that in life only two things are “inevitable” :”Death and Taxes.” Or, considering the collapse of Christianity in the face of Islam, maybe what is “inevitable” is our granddaughters being forced to be clothed from head to foot Islamic style.
    And the media obliges by frequently trumpeting her OPINION on “inevitability” as fact. To add to the media spin pile-on virtually all the quotes in stories I have read on the consecration issue (including this one) only quote from people on the feminist side.
    No wonder the Church of England finds it so difficult to uphold ancient Church Traditions. It is David against the media’s Goliath.