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WASHINGTON (RNS) Organizers of the new Freethought Equality Fund political action committee claim there are more than 24 nontheists in Congress, although only Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., publicly identifies her religion as “none.”


  1. SWEET! It’s about time we had our own PAC.

    I seriously believe that many of those “unaffiliated” 20% would love the new mythicist position as well:

  2. Swami Vigyananand

    Time now for a nation-[world]-wide campaign by RATIONAL ATHEIST HUMANS
    [1] to get religion out of public arena & governance policy,
    [2] to stop religious rituals wasting earth’s resources e.g., in pilgrimages,
    [3] to outlaw anything ‘religious’ said/done to children / humans below the voting age of that respective country.’
    Let believers WASTE their own life-time,
    but NOT OUR earth’s shared precious resources!

  3. Swami Vigyananand

    About why atheists discourage other believers
    (I call them “Zombielievers in Brainopause”):
    “Life is: cutting your way out of the thicket of stupidity
    and on occasions when you have past your bramble
    and find someone else’s, you wanna uproot that too.”
    – Chris Morris [Director: “4 Lions”]

    • or maybe atheists are very think this universe works on precise laws.
      thing is ,there are things you can’t even imagine but you didn’t do your homework or try to research as many things as possible.

  4. Swami Vigyananand

    “we need an agenda beyond trolling theists.
    It would be best to focus on getting the first amendment of the constitution to be properly enforced.”
    – [Frizzurd on YouTube]

  5. “The vast majority of Americans do believe in God,” Mackey said. “They want their elected officials to be held accountable to a higher authority, not just themselves.”

    Right, because that’s working so well.

  6. this is happening,the evil gaining more and more control of the politics.also you have some ppints but you’re just hating because you think it’s good.