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(RNS) Racist and condescending are among the criticisms that have been leveled at the ad, created by Nicola Formichetti, the former stylist to Lady Gaga. Others say it is empowering.


  1. “Not everyone sees it that way. Sana Saeed, senior editor at the Islamic legal news website Islawmix, tweeted that she has dreaded the day when capitalism would consume the veil.”

    Puh-lease…capitalism took hold of the veil the minute the “acceptable” form of the veil was whatever is exported from places like Saudi and took over the traditional (and colorful) expressions. This is nothing new in the world of Muslim women and dress.

    I personally find the ad empowering because Muslim women are so much more than dress and because there are so many different interpretations within the context of Muslim women about what veiling means…and what dress means.

    It is not up to others to dictate to women what is “acceptable”. It is up to the individual.