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(RNS) Here are five broader insights that this wide-ranging interview revealed about Pope Francis -- and why they will be keys to reading his pontificate, and perhaps the future of Catholicism.


  1. DoloresC,Donnelly

    Walking with Francis, Bishop of Rome, is like walking with Jesus. You feel his love for you unconditionally.

    • You are exactly right! What a blessing to have lived to see this Pope! I have waited all my life for this much light from the “Holy See”.

  2. Yeah, there true unless you are a woman, and then, this guy is just like all the other misogynistic, authoritarian, everything about women the Roman Church has written in stone and nothing concerning women will be changed! after all Pope JPII has spoken .. and as Pope Benedict xvi reemphasized, women’s ordination is the same as pedophilia … this guy has everyone buffaloed into believing that he is really ‘pastoral’ … nonsense ..He hasn’t done a thing about Cardinals and Bishops who protected pedophiles, he still has the US nuns being “Inquisitioned” … he should be called Pope PT Barnum

  3. Pope Francis is a simple, down to earth, humble man who happen to become our Pope. He has mass appeal and knows the heart of the people. I have not seen a Pope so transparent and speaks of words so plainly yet the meaning cuts to the very heart of the matter. Love Pope Francis.

  4. Indeed, it is a real springtime in our church. To live in the Papacy of Francis, is to live the life of Christ — real presence.

  5. Pope Francis says: “If a person says that he met God with total certainty and is not touched by a margin of uncertainty, then this is not good. … If one has the answers to all the questions — that is the proof that God is not with him. It means that he is a false prophet using religion for himself.”
    So Pope Francis is ‘comfortable with grey’, with uncertainty. This is such a tonic to my soul. Absolutism, dogmatism,,, ‘isms’ in general are at last unshackled from our thinking. There is now a new era of living without fear, of being free to question, to ponder, to wonder, to say ‘I am not sure’ and not be castigated for it. I am stunned by many things in this interview but this in particular is astonishing. We are permitted to think and to doubt and to dialogue with each other. :-)

    • The only Holy Father is God the Eternal Father. Any human calling himself the Holy Father is an impostor.

      • Does that mean you are superior to over 1 billion believers and the millions of clergy and believers of the past? That is a lot of great minds that you condemn on an intellectual basis. If you are stating this on faith then you have a certainty that is not in accordance with mental health or Biblical standards. Do you continue to ask?

  6. He respects and protects life and at the same time asks us to focus on those in need of food, clothing and support.
    His light is under no bushel basket.

  7. vince quackenbush

    EVERY time there is a new pope, you catholics say the same thing. “This is the greatest pope ever. It’s the same old crap.

    • Perhaps “it’s the same old crap” as you put it. Would you consider the possibility that it’s because things just keep getting better?

  8. marguerite Gail

    just got this. I hope the Pope really believes that women are in the laity
    and have issues that have been shut out of any process. Please
    pope Francis open your heart to our isues: birth control, women in
    the priesthood, etc.

  9. Ben McCrea, Pope Francis agrees with you. When addressed in the elevator as “Holy Father” by the Cardinal of Manila he replied: “Well, Holy Son?”

    • Are you the Fr. Frans Kasteel, S.J. who taught years ago at Colegio San Ignacio in Puerto Rico?

  10. I’m not so sure about Pope Francis, change is not good for the church. We need to focus on what changes he wants to make. Being a laid back Pope is not a good thing. There are reasons the church doesn’t promote birth control and women priests, and those good reasons come from God, and no one, not even the pope cannot change the laws of God…when these changes take place, watch what other changes occur, things will go terribly wrong and the Catholic Church will suffer greatly. It will no longer be the church of Christ, He will be taken out of the church and be replaced by a false prophet.

    • The Spirit of Truth protects the Church from such things. Trust your leaders but let your voice be heard. The Bible teaches about the role of the Pope and the idea that he cannot mislead the Church to the point where the “gates of hell would prevail” against us. (John 16:13-19} If you believe that the Pope was ever the leader of the Church then this can comfort you. There are many, many other times in history where because of chaos and instability there were far more possibilities of “things going terribly wrong” as you say and we made it through.

      • NOW, is not a time to trust any of your leaders. Trust in GOD Himself and trust what you have learned about His kingdom. This shepherd will lead you off a cliff if you don’t start thinking for yourself. Wake up!

    • Thank You very much Kathy Reimer. You are absolutely right. As he makes changes just to please the people, so that he isn’t stepping on anyones feet, so they will come into the church. He is really changing the laws of God. Many people are going for this, because they are feeling guilty about the way they are living and he is giving them reason to feel good about themselves. When in reality, he is changing the very essence of the Holy Catholic Church. He is changing what Jesus taught us. I guess he thinks he knows what’s better for us than Jesus. This is sad. This would make him the false prophet.

  11. He’s the false prophet. He and the Queen of England are going to be on trial in April for their part in covering up the pedofile disgraces that they continue to sweep under the rug. He is instrumental in the NWO and is welcoming non-christians into the church for a reason, to build the One World Religion that NWO demands. Prepare yourselves Christians, turn away from this church, your true church is inside of you, you are a temple. This pope is an abomination. Look at his new throne and tell me it doesn’t look like Hell! Prepare yourselves, REPENT, you have been warned.