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The pope's extraordinary interview gets lots of ink. Moody Bible Institute drops ban on faculty drinking alcohol. A denim burqa ad courts controversy.


  1. That extraordinary interview will do more than simply change the treatment of gays and lesbians in the church – it prepares the way for much more far – reaching, fundamental reforms (of doctrine as well as tone and style) to bring the church into better sync with the modern world.

  2. Re: the blurb about the Forward… What “caveat”? The article you link to explains that no foreign body, including the United States, agrees with Israel’s claim that the Gaza Strip is no longer occupied. In order to reflect the Forward blog post’s tone more accurately, I think it would have been more appropriate to say something more like, “There are more Arabs than Jews in Israel and the occupied territories, claims an intriguing new article over at the Forward. The Israeli government disagrees.” Your wording skews the intention behind the article you linked to.

  3. Given the control that Israel still exercises over the Gaza Strip – air, land (exclusive of borner with Egypt), and sea – to say that Israel no longer controls the Gaza Strip is quite simply wrong.