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(RNS) To stand out in a crowded field -- and attract more members -- churches are hiring some of the estimated 3,000 consultants. But private for-profit entrepreneurs don’t always bring the salvation churches seek.


  1. Read this article and then the one that interviewed Eugene Peterson. What a contrast! Better stick with Eugene’s advice as the mega-church is trending in the wrong direction. How tragic.

  2. One of my anxieties about about this whole issue is that many pastors seem to equate the fulfilling of the great commission (making disciples) with aggressive campus expansion programs. IMO this has little or nothing to do with going and making disciples. It certainly props up the church ministry enterprise, but reaching people for Christ? Not near as essential as many would have us believe.

  3. My take on striving for these “super-sized” congregations: Jesus’ last charge to Simon Peter – “Feed my lambs;” then again, “Tend my sheep;” and finally, “Feed my sheep.” Nowhere did He say, “Count my sheep.” Perhaps He knew what invariably happens when we spend too much time and energy in counting sheep.