1. What a patronising hypocrite.

    He’s the head of the most filthy rich institution in the world.

    If he really cared about poor people he would use some of the Vatican’s wealth for humanitarian purposes. His “years of sin” are continuing on right into his old age.

    At least this time he didn’t tell the poor people to pray to Jesus, or if he did, the newspapers didn’t bother reporting it.

    • 1) Catholic Charities is a thing that exists, and the church has been helping poor people for a long time.
      2) The Catholic Church is not the most wealthy institution in the world. The annual budget of the Vatican is less than half to a third of what the US spends on the military alone. And much of what you are probably thinking is wealth, are priceless artwork held in trust that can’t even be borrowed against.
      3) Why the negativity?

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