AUSTIN, Texas (RNS) A new survey of Hispanic political and religious values finds they’re overwhelmingly Democrats who hold a largely negative view of the Republican Party.

(RNS1-MAY1) Luis Rosas of Holyoke, Mass., is prayed for by Julio Parissi, husband of Carmen Calderon-Parissi, pastor of Movimiento Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Church in Holyoke, during a service. Religion News Service file photo by Mieke Zuiderweg.

(RNS1-MAY1) Luis Rosas of Holyoke, Mass., is prayed for by Julio Parissi, husband of Carmen Calderon-Parissi, pastor of Movimiento Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal Church in Holyoke, during a service. Religion News Service file photo by Mieke Zuiderweg

But a Public Religion Research Institute survey released Friday (Sept. 27) at the Religion Newswriters Association conference finds that their religious profile is shifting:

  • Today, 53 percent identify as Catholic, but 69 percent said they had a Catholic upbringing.
  • The biggest area of growth is evangelical Protestantism. Thirteen percent  told pollsters they are evangelical today, compared with 7 percent who said they had an evangelical upbringing.
  • The second significant jump is out of religious identification altogether. While only 5 percent said they grew up with no religion, the share of Hispanics who check “none” for their current religious identification stands at 12 percent.
  • Twelve percent identify now as mainline Protestant, and 6 percent identify with a non-Christian religion.

The 2013 Hispanic Values Survey of 1,563 Hispanic adults was conducted online in both English and Spanish between Aug. 23 and Sept. 3. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

The survey found that most Hispanics are delighted with Argentine-born Pope Francis, but they hold slightly less favorable views of the Catholic Church. While nearly 69 percent look favorably on the pope, only 54 percent see the institution in a favorable light.

Hot buttons issues with conservative Christians —  abortion and same-sex marriage — are not as critical to Hispanics. Topping their list of critical issues are jobs and unemployment (72 percent), followed by health care costs (65 percent) and the quality of public schools (55 percent).

While a majority (52 percent) of Hispanics say “abortion should be illegal in all or most cases,” it is cited as a critical concern by only 32 percent.

Only 22 percent cited same-sex marriage as a critical concern. Most Hispanics (55 percent) favor allowing gay and lesbian Americans to marry.

The survey found “bipartisan and cross-religious support for immigration reform among Hispanics.” Even so, the American dream seems out of reach to many:

  • 72 percent say the “U.S. economic system unfairly favors the wealthy.”
  • 60 percent say “Hard work and determination do not guarantee success for most people today.”
  • 72 percent agree the government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.


  1. That’s because they are generally immigrants from marxist/socialist countries. They and the democrats will succeed in turning the USA into a marxist crap hole just like the rest of mexico, central/south america

  2. “Hispanics like the Democrat Party.”

    And in related news:

    “Scientists report that water is wet.”

    “University study concludes that the sky is blue.”


    “Most agree that fire burns.”

  3. I am not sure this is accurate. Republicans reflect the views of most of us. We are many Catholics but mostly Christians. We need to work and this is a bad time for jobs because of Democarts. They believe in abortion no matter how big the baby is, this is horrible.

  4. Every survey taken in recent years demonstrates that a large majority of Americans support what are usually called conservative values. The problem lies in our politics: we have two political parties that are essentially liberal, with one of them pushing “liberal” values at only a slightly slower pace than the other party. We need only look at the legislative record during the GW Bush administration to see that this is true. Until we have a political party that is an alternative to liberalism, the voters will have no real choice at the polls and we will continue on a wreckless path. That is why it is important that meaningful reform come within the GOP. The country deserves the chance to make a real choice between a secular-socialist state and one called for by our Constitution.

  5. Jobs and healthcare costs are more important to Hispanics than are many of the so-called hot-button issues. Hispanics are largely Democrat at the polls.
    This, once again, points out what is charitably referred to as “cognitive dissonance” among Democrats and liberals in general. The salvation is in the Democrat Party–which happens to be the one that has been in control of government for the past five years, cannot seem to improve employment stats, and has given us a healthcare program that demonstrably will cost everyone far more than we were told we could expect–in what was a deliberate attempt at deception in the first place by those running the show.

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