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(RNS) Evangelist Billy Graham, who preached the gospel for more than seven decades, has written his 32nd book: “The Reason for My Hope: Salvation.” Here is a sampling of the thoughts of the 94-year-old evangelist.


  1. With Billy, as with most evangelists, all religion is “trendy” when it’s not their brand of narrow, ancient, biblical literalism. Or when it’s not based on arousing people emotionally and calling that religion.

    • Sorry Gilhcan, but Billy didn’t make up the rules. He has simply preached the Truth about the true gift of salvation through Christianity, which is ancient, narrow and biblical….just the way you’ve described it! Modern, wider and non-biblical is a dead end.

  2. At 94, he’s still sharp as a blade! God bless ya billy ! Yes, the church today is trying to emphasize entertainment, while downsizing the role the “church” was intended for.