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The federal government faces its first shutdown in nearly 20 years.

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Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey is a national correspondent for RNS, covering how faith intersects with politics, culture and other news. She previously served as online editor for Christianity Today where she remains an editor-at-large.


  1. Compromise? How? Reduce Social Security, Medicare, Food Stampd, the protection in the Affordable Care Act? Give a fanatic group a weapon they can use in the future? With gerrymandering they can keep the House and jerk the nation around if they are let get away with it.

    The 2012 election confirmed the ACA (Obamacare), which was already compromised by being a Republican original plan and not a single payer system.

    Compromise can be a knee-jerk word. In this case it is.

  2. My follow clergy member< Continue to know that he is the Lord your God, Through this we can see that we are in our last days, For the Lord is coming, dont be alarmed but continue to pray and see the face of the Lord. Make sure everyone whom you come in contact with you share the Love of God for the blood will be on our hands praise God if we do not act right now. FOr the Lord is coming back for a church without spot or wreckle. Its Time To get right. Its TIme to Start interceeding for our country, our president, our leaders, our people. Pastors its time to go to work. ITs Time to work. Rev. Mackey

  3. The shutdown is a serious theological problem for some churches: