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(RNS) Divided over the 2012 state constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage, the state's two Roman Catholic dioceses and the North Carolina Council of Churches are parting ways.


  1. I think you should refrain from using Pope Francis in rebuking the Bishops. The Pope did not say the church can’t make a stand against core moral issues – just not to be dragged into that conversation all the time. Besides, with the reform he is currently charting at the Vatican with collegiality & synodality, a lot of issues like this will be decided more on the local level with no imprimatur needed from the Vatican.

  2. While I have seen several articles where the authors are quoting Pope Francise and then saying these Bishops are going against what he is saying but these authors are jumping to those conclusions. Bishop Burbidge has only said there were times where the Council and the Catholic faith were in contradiction with each other and felt it better to not be part of the council anymore. He has not stated anywhere what those contradictions were and has said he wants to continue working with the council on efforts they both agree on. Sounds like a man standing up for what he believes and supporting what his Pope says by not talking about these issues are all the time.

  3. It’s telling in that, merely by quoting Pope Francis, anti-gay Roman Catholics (whom polls tell us are a minority of RCs, FWIW) feel these anti-gay bishops are being “rebuked”. Well, if the shoe fits…