Quote of the Day: Omid Safi

“I struggle with why we are so offended with seeing human beings dressed up like monsters for two hours, when for the other 364 days of the year we see monsters dressed up like human beings, killing and raping and stealing and occupying and pillaging.” — Religion News Service blogger Omid Safi, a professor at […]

St. Louis Archdiocese orders end to alcohol at youth events

Under a new policy that goes into effect Friday, drinking will not be allowed at any event that is directed primarily toward minors. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson announced the change in a letter to parishioners last week. Now alcohol at games or other events directed toward minors “is not to be served to anyone or brought in by someone,” according to the letter.

Quote of the Day: Pastor’s son Andy Hayes

“My dad just wanted to say thanks and that it means a lot. This isn’t about theology, it’s about humanity and how we treat each other.” — Andy Hayes, who’s pastor father was beaten up by a self-described “militant atheist,” after atheists contributed more than $5,000 for a recovery fund for the Rev. Norman Hayes.