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WASHINGTON (RNS) What's the most defining trait of what it means to be a Jew in America? Just 15 percent say it involves religious belief, according to a new study.


  1. There is clear cut evidence now of pictures from concentration camps, the European census from 1933 to 1948, testimony, so much evidence to support the holocaust is a fabricated lie. The Israeli insiders have told me personally that there is no business like Shoah business. I am Jewish and I can’t keep living this lie. It is so wrong. Furhtermore I see the brutality in Israel and it is wrong. Many friends now believe Israel had a hand in the 911 attacks. Is it wrong to be concerned of the corru[tion I see Jewish leaders doing at the top. This is what is causing growing anti-Semitism among non Jews in America. Someone I go to school with had 1933 newspaper clippings that clearly state Jude declares war on Germany. The Jews of Europe actually started the war.

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