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VATICAN CITY (RNS) "This is a long task and there have been many suggestions and contributions," the Vatican's chief spokesman said. "One should not expect conclusions in the short term."


  1. The Vatican should be going out of its way to help the only Catholic country in Asia..”Philippines”…..Your Flock Needs YOU!!!!!!

  2. There is no doubt what so ever that the mishandling of abusive priests at any level should be immediately removed and if found guilty under either and or both private citizen laws or those of the Catholic church, be caste out completely from the Catholic church. It is an insult to humanity anywhere to not handle these trespasses as the Catholic church has continued to do. In particular , Cardinal Bernard Law was not only taken out of the USA to avoid prosecution but then further rewarded with a church of his own in the outskirts of Rome.These are the reasons that I have left the church and will not support it at anytime. I feel that there are a great many other Catholics that feel and act in a similar manner. Thankyou, Richard Clinton