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JERUSALEM (RNS) The continued violence, and the government’s long-standing unwillingness to allow Jewish feminists to pray as they want at the Western Wall, has strained relations between the Israeli government and American Jews.


  1. This is a real good start ladies. The world and Jerusalem needs lots of prayer power. Gentlemen please don’t be at odds with these fine women. welcome them, soon there will be many faithful people to Isreal praying there with you. He is coming soon. after the seventieth week His government will be with out end. The Son of God your salvation is coming, but you can know Him today if you will believe that Jesus the Christ is the son of God and the Father has raised Him from the dead to be salvation and redeemer for you to the Father. Jesus Christ was, is and forever will be your perfect sacrifice for you. I will continue to pray for your continued safety and success. Peace be to Jerusalem.