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SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) Ten Mormon missionaries have died so far in 2013, far above typical levels. And while church officials insist the spike doesn’t represent a trend, it has raised anew the question: Is missionary work safe?


  1. The church has 80,333 missionaries currently serving in the world, not just 75,000.

  2. Well one source lists 95 deaths per 100,000 in that age group ( if that is even close then the LDS missionary deaths are remarkably low.

    Also as any statistician will tell you, all such rates fluctuate around the mean. It is to be expected that some years there will be more such deaths, some years fewer. However we would expect the average death rate to increase as the number of missionaries in the field increases.

    It is sad that those young people have died of course. However the bigger problem is other people of that age who die at a higher rate.

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