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Religious leaders gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to read the Bible. Madonna is studying the Quran. A new reality TV show about prosperity gospel preachers.


  1. “Samuel Scheffler … suggested that people‚Äôs faith in the existence of future generations gives meaning to our lives today.”

    That’s one of the themes of the British TV hit The Misfits. The show presents a group of young screw-ups in a Britain where religion has disappeared, is distrusted, or is isolated from most. The true hero of the group goes to the future and returns to protect his friend. He is a redemptive figure because he has a vision for the future and is willing to die for the others to give them a future.

    Te show suggest that meaning, faith comes from a vision of the future, our relationships with others, and our concern for future humans. From this morality, no longer attached to religion or social convention, can develop.