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Returning to one of the key scenes from "The Exorcist" feels like a religious experience for the creative minds behind the 1973 film classic.


  1. One of my favorite movies of all time. It is a wonderful tale of the evil that can pervade our lives, but also of the beauty of faith and strenth of love in overcoming our trevails.

    I consider William Friedkin a genius. I watched The French Connection on tv the other night and was curious if the car/subway chase scene still held up after all these years. I’m happy to say it most certainly did. And without computer graphics, special effects or any other bells & whistles. I really miss those days when film making was an art & not one big “blow ’em up”!

    Mssrs. Blatty and Friedkin are responsible for some of the best stories/film making ever. We’re not likely to see the likes of their talent and creativity any time soon, sadly.