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Some positively spooky stuff in today's Roundup: Thug rabbis, "The Exorcist" turns 40 and something that you'll hopefully never hear in church: "The Old Rugged Cross-Dresser."


  1. Regarding “virtual” communion, although I dont know the theology of communion very well in non Catholic or non Eastern Orthodox Traditions, I’m not clear why it would matter. In Catholic, Orthodox, perhaps even Anglican and Lutheran Churches , there is the theology of the “real presence” to some extent in each of these traditions , I believe. So, in those cases, online communion would clearly NOT be ANY presence and thus be meaningless. But in traditions holding a symbolic meaning of The Lords Supper, I guess the sense of community which a congregation is supposedly celebrating in their communion rite would be somewhat of a fiction if celebrants are celebrating alone. But even there, if communion is only a symbolic meaning, then couldnt community also be symbolic in a sense? Do people in communion really have to be sitting next to each other in the same building to be united in Christ? Arent we all united if we are Christians regardless if we are in the US or Africa or in heaven?

  2. “For a fee, of course.” You’re usually equal opportunity in your approach to pointing out the ridiculous in religions, which I love, but that’s different from a slur. I expect better from you guys.

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