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(RNS) For many Muslim families and students, getting Eid al-Adha as an official school holiday isn't just about equity and sparing students the hassle of make-up work, but connecting with their religious identity.


  1. Its an unreasonable request. christmas is a NATIONAL holiday. And the Jews run the media… An nobody besides muslims know anything about their holidays. Just take the excused absence and stop complaining. Its TWO friggin days.

  2. Lets make a agreement that when Muslim counties celebrate Christian and Jewish holidays (also include Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist, Rastafarian, Wiccan, etc.), then we will likewise celebrate EVERY other religious holiday that exists on the planet. Really? Has reason taken a permanent holiday in this country? Is it really that offensive for a country decide which holidays to celebrate based on its history? How far will this stuff really go in the name of tolerance and the acceptance of everything?

  3. Two words everyone needs to learn: Christian Privilege. Anyone who doesn’t think Christianity is given a favored place in our society need only look to our holidays to see they are wrong. Just like white and male privilege, once you see a couple instances, you see more and realize it’s all over the place. For help in seeing some, here is a list. If you take a moment, and truly picture yourself in a situation where any of these are not true, then you’ll start to feel what it is like to be a non-Christian here today. I support true religions freedom – for everyone. I hope you’ll join me in doing so.