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WASHINGTON (RNS) “12 Years a Slave” may depict a bygone era in American history but religious leaders say it should spark increased attention about today's race relations.


  1. Ah, yes, the “One Church, One Body Pledge”: doing its best to promote the Democrat agenda that does not value personal responsibility but values any means necessary to make sure those on the Democrat plantation have a vote.

    The people allegedly “disenfranchized” have to show photo ID for many other things; and they do it. Somehow requiring ID to vote is beyond the pale. What truly is beyond the pale is the pernicious liberal perspective masquerading as “clergy concern.” Not to mention the financial status of CEO’s heading up “foundations.”

    The Sharpton and Jackson types–those above pretty much fill the bill–have nothing on their minds so much as promoting themselves. They need look only at the results of the government programs they’ve been pushing for decades to see that they cannot possibly be interested in what they claim to be interested in. Serious people do not continue to promote programs with forty years of failure as their history.