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Designs to rebuild the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, were unveiled to the Episcopal Church Executive Council during its Chicago meeting.


  1. Major facepalm moment here. Hundreds of thousands are still homeless in Haiti and they want ti build a church. How many homes or shelters could that money build, how many medical treatments, how much food ? How much of what these people really need, would this money have bought, other than a place full of more false hope and lies. A useless and needless waste of time, money and materials.
    Two hands working are worth more than thousands folded in prayer. I hope no money donated for the Haitian relief is being spent on this waste.

    • Wow, Doug. That’s pretty strong language. I think I understand your outrage, but it turns out that the local church community pled with Episcopal Church leadership to undertake just this rebuilding plan. Folks in the U.S. were mighty uncomfortable with this, for much the reasons you bring up. However, the local community said that the re-building of the Cathedral and its various ministry offices (not just performing arts, I gather) was far more important. Plenty of money pouring in for other relief…not much for the spiritual needs of Haitian Episcopalians.

      Another point to consider is that, for many people around the world, the opportunity to worship in a sacred space, surrounded by the signs of God’s loving presence and power to heal, is not “icing on the cake.” It is the essence of life. Perhaps we are the impoverished ones. Folks I know who travel to and from Haiti have remarked about this matter on numerous occasions.

      With that in mind, our parish gave generously–and with eyes wide open–to this project. I hope you don’t judge us harshly for this.

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