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WASHINGTON (RNS) There is a notable exception to libertarians' generally socially liberal views: On legalizing same-sex marriage, 59 percent oppose it.


  1. The billboard attached to this story is a lot of nonsense. In a presumed democracy, the people are the government. They hire the people to do government work for temporary periods of time. They get what they hire. When the majority is wise and finds that those they hire are doing a bad job, a job that is against their interests, they should certainly not rehire them the next time round. If there are options to recall them while they are in office, the people who are the real government should exercise that option.

    In no way can you love your country if you do not like and/or accept your government. In spite of the laziness and illiteracy of the electorate, in spite of them sitting back and allowing the wealthy to buy corruption in their elected officials, the people get what they choose and what they allow.

    • I get your point. In a presumed democracy, people should be in control of the government, and therefore loving your country and government should be one and the same.

      But I agree you about people buying elections. A lot of us aren’t sitting back and allowing it. Because I love my country, I voted against people I thought wouldn’t do a good job and worked at a think tank I thought supported a Constitutional government.

      However, I far from love the people currently running the government. I voted against them, and can hate what they stand for and continue to love the people and places that make up my country.

  2. Besides, Robert Sarvis is a fool if he thinks that libertarians share any of his real values. His mixed family is one proof against that. There is little difference between libertarians and tea partiers. The great majority of both of those groups oppose equal rights for his wife’s race and the fact that his beautiful children are of mixed race. The vast majority of Republicans, including their libertarian and tea party wings, their birthers, their otherers, are the ones who have always opposed Barack Obama simply because he is also half black.

    They have stood in the way of all Obama’s efforts for the good of all the people of this country, the people of all races, simply because he is half black. It really has nothing to do with ideology with them, it is plain racial prejudice. Their leaders like Mitch McConnell repeat it over and over–no second term, remember? Listen closely to their talk and watch their actions, that of Donald Trump, that of Ted Cruz, that of Steve King, that of Rand Paul, that of Marco Rubio. All those competitors for the next Republican crown are racial as well as economic bigots.

    • I don’t even know where to begin how wrong this comment is. Libertarians could care less about the race of someone. That has nothing at all to do with our beliefs.
      We believe in individual liberty, political freedom and voluntary association. If it makes you happy to marry someone of a different race, then do it. Do what makes you happy.

      You list off people like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Steve King, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Libertarians are not real fans of any of those people. We love Ron Paul but can’t stand his son Rand for many reasons.

      Lastly, we oppose Obama for some things but not because he is half black. That is just an idiotic statement. He has done a lot of unconstitutional things and we oppose that, but he has also done a lot of great things to help social freedoms. So you pick and choose what you like and don’t like about him, but don’t bring up race with that.

      You really need to educate yourself before you post such asinine comments, not just for others but also for yourself.

      Lastly, you can’t love your country and not like and/or accept your government? Don’t tell anyone in the middle east that.

      • “We believe in individual liberty, political freedom and voluntary association.”

        Which has zero to do with the Tea Party’s platform beyond lip service. They are libertarian only to the point where you vote for their big money interests. From there on in, they are just the extreme intersection of the religious right and rich people who don’t want to pay taxes.

        Ron Paul was the epitome of the civil service welfare queen and little else. Several decades of pulling a government paycheck with nothing to show for it. He was a big fan of attacking individual liberties by putting their enforcement to the people most likely to be the ones discriminating. [Its no wonder David Duke endorsed him for president!]

        “Lastly, we oppose Obama for some things but not because he is half black”

        The just carry confederate flags in public when they protest his actions and constantly use racial slurs when referring to him online.

    • gilhcan, you haven’t a leg to stand on with your remarks about tea party people and libertarians. You think Obama is opposed because he is black. Well, simple answers for simple minds, I guess.
      I dare you to take up one conservative argument made regarding the Obama regime and tear it apart. I doubt you’re capable of doing so. The reason is simple: you are operating entirely on an emotional level. Marco Rubio is a bigot? Only if you put Al Sharpton in the same bag–you know, Al of the trumped up charges in the Twana Brawley case.
      So Obama is black, and many consider him not up to the job. The same has been said of a number of white presidents, too. So what?
      Economic bigots? What about the bigotry of low expectations that many have of black people, exquisitely demonstrated in the social programs in operation for over 40 years, programs that have as their result the very destruction of the black family. Do you not see this? If not, there’s no point in further discussion.

      • ” Only if you put Al Sharpton in the same bag–you know, Al of the trumped up charges in the Twana Brawley case.”

        But Al grew up a bit since then, or at least as of late. He turned out to be an ardent supporter of marriage equality. A very libertarian cause which is opposed by the TP vociferously.

      • “So Obama is black, and many consider him not up to the job.”

        But why would anyone consider him not up to the job before he has even been sworn in? The right made it their sole purpose of existence to ensure that he be a 1 term president before he even started. Every other Democratic President elect and first term president at least had a chance to get some kind of policy start before the critics kicked in. What is it, other than race, because his policies are decidedly centrist, that causes such gnashing of teeth from the right? What is it that causes conservative congresspeople to drop their own policy positions as soon as Obama says “looks like you have a good idea there, lets try it?” Much to the dismay of progressives on the left. This has happened time and time again. What else can it be?

    • gilhcan, wrong. Where do you get these ideas? See my comment below or GOOGLE Libertarian International Organization and start reading.

  3. So libertarians are privileged white males who, despite all the claims to being socially liberal and against government interference in private morality, are actually against gay marriage. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has had the misfortune of visiting the comments on! So much for ideological consistency…

    • Yep. Libertarian if you are a corporation. Theocrat if you are an individual. Government too small to regulate industries and effectively collect taxes but large enough to fit in a womb or tell you how to form your family.

      • Holy generalizations, batman. Libertarians are much closer to 50/50 on abortion and marriage equality. Libertarians come from a lot of different worldviews and are pretty mixed on social issues. They mainly rally around opposing bad economic policies.

        Libertarians hate the current corporation situation. The government is powerful enough to hand over taxpayer money to corporations, lobbyists, and pet projects they like. It’s ridiculously unfair for small businesses. It’s crony capitalism at it’s finest.

    • etseq, see my comment below and GOOGLE Libertarian International Organization. The average L/libertarian is an Asian woman.

  4. I’d like to respond to some of the above ignorant comments about Libertarians. I am a 37-year-old Generation X white male, not particularly wealthy, and struggling to live in the Great Recession like many people. To refute some of the stereotypes by liberals, I support gay marriage and polygamy, and I voted for Obama in 2008 because I didn’t like McCain or even Bob Barr, who the Libertarian Party wrongly considered a qualified nominee. Fortunately, the LP nominated Gary Johnson in 2012, who I voted for in that recent election. I did consider Ron Paul, but found his opposition to condoms and abortion irrational. Please don’t generalize Libertarian males.

  5. I wish I could see this article because I’d like to see how they get their idea of who is “libertarian,” as this claim is entirely bogus. Libertarians were pushing for marriage equality decades ago. I call BS on the claim and would contend that it uses a faulty methodology that skews the survey toward social conservatives—who by definition, can’t be libertarian.

  6. Some will wonder if this is an attempt to redefine Libertarianism?

    The d-base of official Libertarians belongs to the LIO or Libertarian International Organization, and it doesn’t share it. Unofficial ‘libertarians’ defined by the study are meaningless except as a measure of public interest.

    The LIO has about one family in every local district on Earth, so claiming Libertarians are small misses the point. No group has 8 million people so organized. They’re distributed equally across the political spectrum with emphasis on the center.

    Here is what the LIO has to say on gay marriage: