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NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) "The government should issue AK-47 rifles to every church so that we can stop them from being burnt, our property from being looted and our pastors and Christians from being killed,” said the Rev. Lambert Mbela after another pastor was shot dead.


  1. So much for that “turn the other cheek” thing. They shouldn’t concern themselves though. If they really believe that they have a place in heaven once they die, what better way to do it than to be a martyr for their God. Works for the Muslims, should work for the Christians.

    Here’s another idea though. Why not get ride of all religion. This would end this issue, and many, many others as well. Humans could view things through the rational lens of logic and reason, instead of through irrational beliefs.

    Consider if you could live your life well, and love other humans much without needing to believe you will live forever in either heaven or hell, but rather just because it is the human way.
    Good day!

  2. From a location where intrusion is rare and danger is little,it’s hard to imagine what we should say to those in areas where Muslims feel free to attack and murder with little risk to themselves. But if we seek to protect the innocent as well as to teach them about the Lord Jesus, we may find it advisable to begin carrying a weapon with us as we seek to teach truth in dangerous places. Our goal is to win lost people for Jesus and to ourselves live for Him. Shooting others is not the usual way of testifying about the Prince of Peace.