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NEW YORK (RNS) Doug Birdsall became president and CEO of the American Bible Society in March but was dismissed weeks before his planned Nov. 8 inauguration ceremony over significant differences in how to achieve the organization's goals.


    • That was my question as well. Lawyers aren’t necessary to accept severance. And, I might be wrong, but a severance offer after six months seems generous.

      • James:
        Interesting observation; normal corporate severance doesn’t raise a press report like this without a background report.
        The reader is left without sufficient detail to make sense of anything.
        I made an effort to vet most of the references and the history of ABS and did not deduce anything significant outside of my own notions.
        There is a lapse in your (James) correspondence (between 4:09 and 4:57PM) would you please include the substance of the answer to your question “why would that require a lawyer?”

  1. The response of Pieter Dearolf makes everything even worse. He said: “As in the Book of Acts, it is clear that even those with the best of intentions and faithfulness simply do not always agree,” – Somebody, please, teach this person that when the Bible reports sins, and often does, it is to us avoid it, not to repeat. As was said, it is biggest the damage done by the exposition of the Bible than what the opposition can do. Here is a sample to remind.

    • Jose,

      Proper interpretation is important. In this case, it doesn’t seem that Dearolf is saying that this is a good development, only demonstrating that one can have a disagreement while both parties are dedicated to the Gospel. I don’t think anyone is saying the situation is ideal.

      Thankfully, God is big enough to redeem all of our disagreements and conflicts! Please join me in praying that the ministries of all those involved can be strengthened rather than diminished. Let’s pray that God will be honored in how all of this is resolved.

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