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The Supreme Court hunts for prayers acceptable to all. Tuesday's elections have both parties in a tizzy. U.S. bishops, looking to elect their own leader next week, feel the effect of Pope Francis.


  1. Yes, Ms. Grossman a great roundup for your first of many we hope! The RNR just keeps adding to it’s stable of great religion writers without the usual bias of other religion “news’ sites.

  2. Couldn’t resist commenting on Mr. Phillips half confession to a affair he was having with a woman not his wife. I especially liked the quote “while I didn’t know her in a Biblical sense” saying that it was just “affectio” towards her. Really? Who, except for the very gullible, believes him. Affection towards another is a reason to resign and hold a very public news conference to admit to it? Mr. Phillips, just admit that you, like many others before you, gave into your more human side and had sex with her. It happens, it’s wrong, but we understand that you were tempted and gave in to that temptation. I’d respect him or anyone who had the honesty to admit that. Funny thing about these religious leaders though, they don’t hold themselves to the same standards as they hold us mere mortals to. They seem to think that we will believe their half confessions to things they’ve condemned in the past and continue supporting them. Unfortunately for those of us who have common sense far too many gullible people do continue supporting these hypocrites and their right wing hypocrital causes without so much as a thought of perhaps this guy is a con man bent on seperating me from my hard earned money and nothing more, and they keep on supporting the con man or woman in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed, which is a much more lavish and tax free lifestyle than most of us could hope for in a lifetime. Sad.

  3. Ms Grossman, I think you have the dynamics of the GOP wrong:
    “On the GOP side, meanwhile, it’s internecine warfare among forces of the old right, the new right and the off the charts Tea Party right.”
    It is the Tea Party that is attempting to return the GOP to something of an opposition to the socialist party that are the Democrats. It is the “old right” that has earned scorn because it has done everything the liberals have done when they are in power. Just look at the administration of GWB for examples, and note that his GOP Congress lost its majority after only two years because it failed to serve as an antidote to the socialist toxicity we had been experiencing.

    There’s more: the last statement above doesn’t seem to make much sense on the surface, true. But this points out the terrible predicament the electorate finds itself in every two years: We elect socialists, become displeased, and vote in the other party as punishment. However, we end up voting in socialists-lite and get pretty much the same sort of government we had been getting. Again, I refer you to the Bush years. We can even find good examples from Pappy Bush’s term before Clinton’s two. Pappy gave us David Souter for the Supreme Court.

    I submit this is one of the major reasons why a large majority of the electorate is dissatisfied with government. It has been generations since they’ve had an experience of conservatism at all. Even Reagan did not do anything to actually shrink the size and power of the federal government. ‘Nuf said.

    Ms Grossman, if you want “moderates,” I suggest you plunk unabashedly for the Democrats. “Moderates” are nothing more than liberals who do not like the label. The proof lies in the kind of government they vote for.