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(RNS) "If something like this were to ever happen again, I have no intention of relying on the archdiocese to monitor these priests," said Prosecutor John L. Molinelli. "It was clear to us that future monitoring was just not going to happen."


  1. Dennis Barlow, Sr.

    The circumstances of this case against the coward Fugee are beyond my understanding. The actions/in actions by the Newark Archbishop and the infinitely dishonest, arrogant, totally misleading remarks by the creep Goodness further demonstrate the remarkably dishonest, sinful, uncaring attitude of the Myers Administration. He had better resign quickly, go to and make an “honest” confession, ask forgiveness from Jesus and each and every victim, catholic, seminarian in the Archdiocese. Also, he had better divest himself from the luxury home, the expensive additions, repay the taxes and fees paid by the Archdiocese and get out of Dodge. He is the very worst of the worst of our clergy and should have been indicted and removed by the new pope. Having failed to do those two things, I am disappointed in the pope and the prosecutor. God help us because neither the church or the prosecutor will protect us. Being a Christian, I am unable to express any bad wishes on Myers, Goodness or the creep priests like Fugee and those that defend him, but this 67 year old would not mind having an up close and personal talk with any of these cowards.