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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) At an emotional worship service, considered one of the largest gatherings of Christians and Jews, some 1,600 British men and women filed into Westminster Abbey Sunday (Nov. 10) to mark the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht.


  1. That’s commendable. Let’s not forget the Armenian pogrom which killed about two million primarily Christian Armenians. Also, let’s remember the current holocaust against Middle East Christians, at least 100,000 a yr. plus the destruction of their churches. Let’s speak out.

    • On a more uplifiting note let us remember the efforts of one British subject who worked tirelessly to bring down the Nazis and save countless lives from the machinery of genocide, Frank Foley

      He was stationed in Berlin from 1922 to 1939 and he used his position as Passport Control Officer at the British embassy to save thousands of Jews from Nazi death camps. From 1935, an ever growing number of Jews appealed to his office in order to obtain immigration visas to Palestine, to the United Kingdom and to all other parts of the then British Empire.

      Defying the Foreign Office, he bent the rules to issue 10,000 visas for British Mandatory Palestine. He did not enjoy diplomatic immunity in Berlin* and was running a serious risk. Had he been exposed by the Nazis, he would have suffered a much worse fate than being persona non grata.

      John Kelley, Foley’s nephew, an Anglican priest said about his uncle: “I believe that God put Frank Foley in Berlin to do His Work. Foley did what he did as a witness to the Christian churches to show what they should have done at that time, but did not do.”

      *He did not enjoy diplomatic immunity because his true purpose at the embassy was as a spymaster. Foley’s network recruited German scientific “assets” to undermine the Nazi regime.

      The civilized world owes Great Britain an immense debt of gratitude for its efforts in 1939-41 as the sole nation during those years which stood between Hitler and total domination of Europe.