“I haven’t figured out why I felt so compelled to fight for the religious exemptions, to not erode Constitutional rights. I don’t belong to any particular denomination. I don’t wear one of those hats. I take religion out of everything. …   Everybody finds their own religion somewhere. I have the same values as they do, but it’s just a little different. When I walked into this session, that rose to the surface. Why me? Why am I trying to protect your religious rights? I’m still trying to figure out.”

— Hawaii State Rep. Jo Jordan, who is openly gay, on why she voted against a bill to allow same-sex marriage when she felt the bill’s exemptions for religious groups were not adequate. She was quoted by Honolulu Magazine.

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  1. If you read Rep. Jordan’s comments, you can see they literally make no sense.

    Most people in Hawaii feel she has had some sort of breakdown.

    We are praying for her recovery.

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