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The pope has a cold, Sarah Palin is sorry, Franklin Graham's evangelical shoe boxes get stuffed at some public schools, and more at Friday's Religion News Roundup.


  1. Justin Lookado embedded religion, religion, religion in his talk which was supposed to be on “making yourself datable.”

    Am I being unfair in saying that Justin does not look very datable? And unfair in saying that his talking points would aggravate and alienate any level headed male or female? (I don’t know his sexual preference.) His attempt at a “cool” hairstyle is laughable. Sounds like this is another motivational speaker erroneously “solving” a problem he is bedeviled by.

    • His message is equally laughable at least according to his audience. Twitterfeeds were aflutter with open contempt for the guy and his over the top ridiculously sexist diatribes.