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(RNS) “It’s bringing awareness to true beauty and to taking off the mask,” said coordinator Becca Daniel. “I believe that there’s a need because of the culture that we live in. It’s just very much beauty-saturated: ‘beauty’ meaning what’s on the outside.”


  1. Why is the focus on facial makeup? When I was a young woman at bible college, we were not permitted to wear makeup and had to sign a pledge that we wouldn’t. (No drinking, smoking, dancing, swearing or going to movies either.) But, girls who could apply makeup well and look “natural” did. (Anyone remember Tangee makeup?) Girls plucked eyebrows and curled hair. Girls wore padded bras and girdles (anyone remember girdles?) Girls wore jewelry. At an even greater extreme, girls’ from my grandmother’s religion told me I was going to hell for plucking my eyebrows and for wearing a small fake nosegay at the neck of my blouse. Pretty minor sins to go to hell for.