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(RNS) Given that both men had to navigate the tension between private faith and the public square, it is fitting on the 50th anniversary of their deaths, which falls Friday (Nov. 22), to compare and contrast their approaches.


  1. Also died on the same day: Aldous Huxley!

    Peter Kreeft wrote a fascinating book imagining a conversation between JFK, Lewis, and Huxley as they pass into the next life…

    It’s an imagined Socratic dialogue between the three, and Kreeft explores at length some of the differences mentioned in this article. A stimulating read!

  2. In light of McGraths biography on Lewis it seems that the private life of Lewis was a little more similar to JFK than we would want to believe. Not meant as a knock on Lewis as his writings carry much benefit, but this article seems to paint a greater contrast in behavior than is warranted.

    Btw…that Kreeft book IS really cool!