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(RNS) Monmouth University is among several colleges jumping on the zombie scholarship bandwagon. The University of Baltimore and Columbia College in Chicago both offer zombie studies classes. Michigan State University offered a two-credit course last summer on surviving the zombie apocalypse in which students were placed in survivor groups in a simulated zombie attack.


  1. Murder Legendre, president of the Monmouth University Voodoo Student Union stated he was offended that the zombies depicted are exclusively of the modern “George Romero” flesh eating ghouls and there is no reference to the bewitched slaves of legends and tradition of his people.

  2. There is power in making people believe you have control over something no one else does, in this case death itself. Many religions recognized this power and gave it to their “saviors” who either came back to life after death, or in some cases lived in both “worlds” alternating back and forth. Strange how humans need to create stories to make them feel better about the inevitable end; stories invented to ease their fear. But where we were before this life doesn’t have the same effect on us.