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(RNS) "Mr. Graham is in the hospital with a respiratory congestion issue, similar to what he had a few weeks ago," spokesman Mark DeMoss said. "As was the case then, we expect he will be able to return home in a day or two."


  1. Rev. Libny Pineda G.

    My prayers for his soon recovery! His life and ministry has been an inspiration and example to me.
    G-D bless him!

  2. Bless you for all you have done all those years ,I have watched your programs
    many years back .Hard to believe I myself am 90 thi s year And getting around on my own and not on alot of medication ,May be good genes as father was 94
    Will be thinking of you ,God Bless You . LOVE IRENE

  3. Pastor Arogunyo Julius

    We pray for more strength for Rev Billy Graham. May The Lord renew him like the eagle in Jesus name.

  4. I am not a fan of Billy Graham.. His comments in the 80’s that AIDS was GODS way of getting back & the killing of gays was a comment full of HATE. How can an alleged man of GOD make such a hateful comment? Yeah he apologized years later, but the men who were dying, did not get to hear that apology..He will answer for those words..