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(RNS) The Bay Psalm Book “is for American book collecting what the Guttenberg Bible has been for collecting, period,” said Bill Reese, a major dealer in printed Americana “…Except there are 46 copies of the Guttenberg.”


  1. I don’t appreciate the snarky attitude in the commentary of this author. I expect better from RNS.

  2. I agree with the comment above about the “snarky tone.” Superficially, you might say that today’s evangelicals and the Puritans “exalted scripture”, but any attempt at analogy ends there. On every fundamental point of the engagement of the believer with the Word and with God they would not agree. On the importance of education and scholarship in interpreting Scripture they share no common ground. I’m not really familiar with this website but if it’s supposed to be focused on religion, you’d expect better understanding. It’s pretty clear what they think of these “mellowed” “mainline” Protestants. Maybe they haven’t mellowed so much as decided to focus on issues bigger than the favorite fear-mongering of the Evangelicals…less money spent on failed ballot measures banning gay marriage and more on feeding the poor might be a more fervent interpretation of Scripture.

  3. I understand that the Green family is behind the open and fully functioning Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan, very near Lincoln Center. Would not this Book of Psalms go there? There remains the question of religious artifacts becoming forbidden idols, but I suppose that is for another time. You do have to wonder though about the security such a book as this requires, even once it is on display. Consider all that they went through in the movie National Treasure!