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SAN FRANCISCO (RNS) “We can go through an entire Sunday Assembly meeting without mentioning atheism, without mentioning religion,” organizer Sanderson Jones said. “We have enough values that define us without having to do that.”


  1. So what’ else is new? Non-believers have been populating the ranks of the church-going–and presumably-synagogue-going–population in the US and Britain for generations! I doubt that ti’s the appeal of the cheap coffee (or cheap wine!)

    The Unitarian religion even has a mega-church in the foothills West of Denver; it bills itself “the religious home of the liberal spirit.” Apparently you just have to be a liberal Democrat . . . that’s religion enough!

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    […] Harris is not the first atheist to suggest nonbelievers should mine the world’s religious traditions for wisdom or beneficial practices. Philosopher Alain de Botton and humanist Chris Stedman have written books that explore the possibilities, and nonbelievers have been flocking to so-called “atheist churches” such as the Sunday Assembly. […]

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