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(RNS) “It is important for us as nonbelievers to recognize that we are lucky in the grand scheme of the universe and to spend this time with our friends and family, and the tradition of doing that once a year, whether you are religious or not, is a valuable thing to do," says Maggie Ardiente.


  1. I would respectfully disagree with Hemant. If your family and friends don’t already know you’re not a believer, you need to do a better job of communicating with them throughout the year, sharing lives, feelings and yes even beliefs. Many in my my family are believers, and I respect their right to believe, as they respect mine not to. If they say a prayer, no one expects me to close my eyes and lower my head, but they also expect I will show them respect in their beliefs be being quiet, which I do. We have made it a tradition to say a little something about what we are grateful for in the past year, one at a time. Most of the time it is for something that one of us has done for another. Goodness, kindness, and just being human to each other can be achieved without belief in a fairytale.
    Happy Turkey day to both believers, and non-believers!!

  2. You can say what you want, you can think what you wish, but one day we will all stand before a righteous God and give an account of one’s self. What will you say then?

    • “What will you say then?”

      To quote the late, great Steve Landesberg on the show Barney Miller when confronted with the same question, “Whoops”

      Pascal’s Wager?


      You want to go with the idea that God is vainglorious and cares nothing for the actions of people, but just wants to be praised in an empty fashion.

      Are you sure you want to go that route? It makes God seem awfully petty and undeserving of genuine devotion.

  3. John Gibson- prove it. A book that cites itself as proof isn’t proof. If I stand before god, I’ll ask why all the stupidity in his creation, why an appendix, why do you let children get raped, planes fly into buildings when I’m sure at least one person prayed, maybe the pilots payers meant more to god… Oh well.

    John Bancroft – nature is the catch all for the natural world, they didn’t pray to it, they’re thankful for the system to which makes such things as us, breathing, eating, mating and in the odd occasion returning to the cycle, I say odd occasion cause embalming pretty much nullifies that process. About being thankful for the animals to eat, no they didn’t have a say in it, as much as I despise the taste of turkey, I’m thankful to its ugly hide feeding me, especially since it had no say in it.

  4. fWe don’t need to be thankful TO anything, just be thankful in general. Just admire how lucky we all are to have the things we have, and a relatively non-threatening planet on which to live. It was not because of a “God’s” grace, or even the mercy of nature. It was just the way things turned out that you and I have a life to live, food to eat, and a computer on which to read this. If God did not exist (or abandoned us), some people would still have more than others, coincidences would still happen, events of great joy and great sorrow would still happen. Don’t be thankful, just recognize how much worse your life could have been, and how the environmental events in your life did not make it that way. Heck, you could use the moment as an opportunity to recognize how your life could be so much better, and how the environmental events in your life did not make it that way. Have a reasonable and happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Dear Adrian I certainly feel sorry for you and all the non- believers in this present age, however I promise you one thing for sure, when you stand before God you will not ask anything , but mercy, but it may be too late.

    • John, you can promise all you like, but you lack the authority (read “evidence”) to do so.
      Don’t feel too sorry for me and others like me. I’m enjoying and making the most of this life, the only one I will have; and I’m not wasting any of it worshiping, fearing, or generally sucking up to an imaginary sky fairy.
      In the unlikely event your scenario occurs, I will ask “the boss” why he did such a pathetically bad job of providing any reasonable evidence of his existence. and if that means I get sent to eternal fire, I’ll at least get off one loud “[expletive deleted] you!”
      And I’ll have lots of good company as well! :-)

      • Steve, John Gibson is too uneducated to understand any other concept besides what has been drilled into him as a child. It is easier to believe in the fairytale of god then try to understand the complexities of this universe. He believe wholeheartedly in god but hasn’t read the bible. He preaches to others but doesn’t follow the word of jesus ie he owns a computer.Some people simply lack common sense.

  6. “We are lucky in the grand scheme of the universe”? No disrespect (well, not too much anyway), but what in the Sam Hills kind of godless thanks is that? Oh shoot, let me just shut up on this mess. Mr. Abe, will you please explain things again to this wayward nation?

    “I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.”

    — Washington DC, October 3, 1863.

  7. I am an atheist who thinks it’s pretty silly to be “thankful” except to the cook. Why not say we are “glad” to be alive, glad to be with loved ones, etc.–that we “celebrate” being alive, celebrate being with loved ones?

  1. […] First this is Ironic, because how can you be grateful without God?? The whole purpose of celebrating thanksgiving, is as the word says it, theank, but not thank any person, thank God, for all that he has given us, which would had to happen everyday. […]

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