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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The Christian cross has become little more than a piece of jewelry worn around the necks of celebrities, said Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.


  1. This from the clerical leader of a sect that has adopted every “fashionable” trend regarding the nature of marriage and is seeing large congregations, even entire countries, distancing themselves from the authority of Lambeth. For good reason.

  2. Duane, I would wholeheartedly agree that not only should congregations and entire countries distancing themselves from the authority of Welby. I would go farther and advocate that no one should submit themselves to any claimed “authority” that is claimed through superstitious belief.

    • Earold, on that last point we probably are at loggerheads. Any and every position regarding “Ultimate Things” or their non-existence begins with an a-priori foundational principle that cannot be proved–namely, there is a supreme being of some sorts, or, there is no supreme being. In a sense, it is a matter of faith for both camps, whether or not “campers” want to admit it.