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DOLEV, West Bank (RNS) Evangelical Christians are increasingly coming to the disputed West Bank to help Israelis and Palestinians with their harvests. The Christians see it as a religious duty.


  1. The West Bank is more than just “disputed land”… it is “Israeli occupied Palestinian Territory,” under military occupation by Israel since 1967 according to international law. By using the term “disputed land” you are not using neutral language and failing in journalistic standards. You also make no mention of the Israel’s illegal settlements built on confiscated Palestinian land… again, failing to provide the necessary background information. Or of the reason why Palestinian farmers need help with the olive harvest, namely harassment from Israeli settlers… not because it’s busy. This article whitewashes rather than informs.

    The gullible Christians working on Israeli settlements in the West Bank are almost literally looking the other way on the Jericho Road. If they would heed Jesus’ teaching and love their neighbor, both their Israeli and Palestinian neighbor, instead of just caring about Israelis, they might bother to spend some time with Palestinians in the West Bank and have an epiphany about Israel’s oppression of Palestinian Christians and Muslims in the West Bank.

    If the Christians who


    • Jan Erickson-Pearson

      Thank you for writing. Very well put. Blessings to the Bethlehem Trust. Mercy. God be with them.

  2. I am a Palestinain Christian born and live in the Shepherds’ field near Bethlehem and teach at Bethlehem University. I urge all Christians to heed the call of all the Christian denominations in the Holy Land. Please see the links posted here
    and here

    and do not forget to read the Sermon on the mount and reflect on what Jesus taught (even to those Pharisees who would not listen) and his teachings that are still valid. Shame on any Christian who is deluded by the Zionist propaganda.

    Finally come visit us in Bethlehem where you will find us, the living stones await you with open arms.

    • Jan Erickson-Pearson

      Blessings to you dear one. I do pray for you every day. I am not deluded by the Zionists and pray for the world to see the light. I do everything I can to share your message. And I’d love to come and help! Peace and Jesus’ love keep you and give you courage! Love to your community from mine. Jan

  3. This is “balanced” reporting gone so far that it distorts the truth, brushes aside international law, and denies legal and basic human rights of the Palestinians who are living under a Israeli occupation. This enables the taking of Palestinian land and resources which Israel does using a system of extensive controls, backed militarily, often brutally. For truth telling see The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – B’Tselem (which the Associate Press cites using it’s reports and maps) at