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(RNS) The Rev. Ray Leonard, 51, bristled at the U.S. government when it told him he couldn’t hold services at a Georgia naval base during last month’s government shutdown. So he sued.


  1. The liberal political establishment will fight this tooth and nail. It ultimately dislikes the Constitution, even with the amendments that address the greatest of the country’s problems. It would repeal the First Amendment if it thought it possible to do so. That not being the case, it does its best to pack the judiciary with liberals. It has been quite successful to date, with help from the GOP no less.

    • Wow an instance of conservative political cannibalism.

      The hissyfit of the conservatives in Congress cause a problem by shutting down the government, which caused the priest to have a hissyfit supported by conservative lawyers.

      • I made a charge regarding liberals and the Constutition and how they handle their dislike. You chose to ignore this charge. As I noted earlier, it is a trait of liberals to ignore arguments they cannot challenge–and “go on to other things.”

        Moreover, you blame conservatives for shutting down Congress but say nothing about Harry Reid’s refusal to negotiate on anything. Are you suggesting that liberals had no part in the shutdown? Indeed, despite what the facts prove. Thanks for echoing MSNBC–and even a few Repubs in Congress..